A Rental Property Checklist by Design


  • Empty Garbage Bins

  • Dust all Exposed Surfaces

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors

  • Fluff Pillows & Tidy

  • Check for Damage & Items Left by Guest(s)

  • Dust or Wash Exposed Baseboards (Deluxe Service)

  • Wash Interior Glass of Windows & Doors (Deluxe Service)

  • Remove Garbage Deck – Clean Deck (Deluxe)


  • Wash, Dry & Display Cloths

  • Replace or Fill Toiletries (leave notes on site)

  • Empty Dishwasher and Replace Items

  • Exterior & Interior of the Fridge, Removal of Perishables

  • Wipe down Small Appliances

  • Stovetop & Exterior of Oven

  • Clean Sinks & Countertops

  • Spot Clean Cupboards

  • Wash Exterior and Interior of Cupboards (Deluxe Service)

  • Inside Oven (Deluxe Service)


  • Wash, Dry & Display Towels

  • Replace or Fill Toiletries (leave notes on site)

  • Clean & Shine Countertops, Sink and Mirrors

  • Scrub, Disinfect & Shine Toilet(s)

  • Spot Clean Exterior of Cabinets

  • Clean and Disinfect Shower, Tub, Tile

  • Clean Inside Cabinets (Deluxe Service)


  • Wash, Dry & Fold Bedding

  • Make beds with Spare Bedding

  • Wipe Down the Exterior of Bedside Tables

  • Wipe Down interior of cupboards, closets and bedside tables (Deluxe Service)


  • Home with or recently with bed bugs or other infestations

  • Cleaning of blinds, fragile light fixtures

  • Cleaning outside of the home (sweep & tidy deck only – deluxe service)

  • Animal excrements, litter cleaning

  • Climbing on ladders

  • Deep carpet or upholstery cleaning

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