Terms of service

AVAILABILITY: We respectfully ask that you book as far in advance as possible to secure your requested service date and time. Bookings can be made up to 60 days in advance. We do not guarantee availability but will do our best to prioritize clients who book frequently and book most of the bookings with at least 7 days notice. If availability is not listed online, please email requests to info@maidhere.com. Requesting a booking does not guarantee we will be able to book it. Please do followup if not confirmed by us.

ACCESS: We generally receive lockbox codes for our clients. Please explain exactly where to find any keys. We encourage all clients to have at least two lockboxes or two sets of keys per unit. One set of keys for your preferred cleaning company and one for the guests. We DO NOT take keys and must all get access the day of service within 5 minutes of the unit to be cleaned and without delay.

LAUNDRY: If there is excessive laundry in the unit or the machines on-site are not capable of drying before the other tasks on the cleaning checklist are completed, the client acknowledges that the cleaning crew may surpass the cleaning deadline and fees may be applied (better we finish the work then leave beds unmade). Let’s be clear, we aim for this to never be an issue. If you know your machines are not capable of washing and drying a large load in under 90 minutes, give us a call and we will work out the details. Please note that our cleaners do not bring cash and can use laundromats only if there is money/card/arrangement with the laundromat agreed to in advance by the company.

GARBAGE/RECYCLING/COMPOST: If these items are requested to be left outside on city grounds on days not approved by the city/municipality or other, and a fine is received by the company, we will charge the cost of this fee plus $25 for processing to our clients. Please leave details for where you would like these items placed and we will follow your direction. As short-term rental guests may mix recycling, compost and garbage, we are not liable for fines associated with this and will not rearrange the mixed rubbish.

DAMAGES: Our cleaning teams will be on the lookout for any damages caused by the previous guests. However, it is not always possible to identify all damage. We are not liable for any damages caused by the guests which are not reported.

SERVICE TIME: We reserve the right to change booking times based on the rules herein. If you have a “private portal” with us we will respect the check-in/out times and will move bookings between these times, except in the case of the use of the OFFPEAK code, which will default to the standard rule for OFFPEAK.

(1) Bookings placed between 11h00-15h00 can take place anytime in this timeframe

(2) Bookings made to start between 8h00-9h00 can be moved to a different start time so long as we finish by 12h00.

(3) If you use our promotion code OFFPEAK, we can move the booking to anytime after 8h00 to finish by 15h00.

(4) If you place your booking between 14h00-18h00, we can move the booking to anytime within this timeframe. For a different arrangement, please contact us about creating a private portal for to meet your specifications (if available – for frequent clients only).

(5) Hourly and Deluxe Airbnb will be serviced as scheduled and we will arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time.

(6) If your booking is greater than 4 hours and less than 5 hours, we reserve the right to move it +/- 30 minutes from the booked time. The same +/- 30 minutes applies to any booking that overlaps one of the timeframes listed herein.

(7) If your booking is greater than 5 hours, we will NOT move the booking without your consent.

LOCK-OUT: If the cleaners arrive and there is no key in the lockbox (designated secure area) or they cannot get in for whatever reason outside of our control and agreement or “acts of god”, including guests refusing our entry, we will charge the FULL PRICE OF THE BOOKING (our discretion). The cleaners cannot wait extended periods of time for the retrieval of the key to enter.

If a booking needs to be cancelled for whatever reason, such as guests extending their stay or an incorrect booking, and the cleaner travels for the unit, we will charge IN FULL. We reserve the right to charge a CANCELATION FEE rather than a lock-out fee at our discretion.

CANCELATION: Service canceled or modified with greater than 48 hours notice will not be charged any fees. Service canceled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a CANCELATION FEE of 50%. The CANCELATION FEE will also be charged if we suspect the presence of BED BUGS. Any costs associated with our cleaner getting bed bugs may also be charged. Please take precautions to prevent bed bugs including mattress protectors and regular inspector visits.

The CANCELATION FEE may also be charged if the cleaner receives abusive remarks during service, or finds herself in an unsafe environment, including but not limited to drugs, smoking, sexual harassment. We do NOT accept cancelations via voicemail or presumed missed calls. Please email to info@maidhere.com or talk with an agent directly.

LOSS OF REVENUE: We are not liable for any loss of revenue incurred by the host. We do not have any control over interactions with your guests and how things are handled, and thus are not liable for any loss of revenue.

PRICE & HOLIDAYS: You will be charged the price you are quoted when booking (should all the correct information be provided, including length of stay, as well as all the supplies are present and the washer and dryer meet our needs (see above). Holidays include all official holiday, as well as any Monday following a Holiday on the weekend, as well as both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

On Holidays, bookings must be made by email and will include a 50% increase in price. Should we forget to block a holiday online, the additional rate will still apply. Should we forget to invoice the additional fee, we reserve the right to correct the invoice and charge at a later date. Beginning with labour day this September 2018, bookings on holidays can’t be canceled without a $25 fee. As holidays are in high demand, we need to ensure that clients don’t book these days for a “just in case” option.

We would like to provide a holiday on ideal days to as many staff members as possible and service clients that need us most. Note that if you cancel the holiday with less than 48 hours notice, the $25 fee is not charged, but the 50% cancelation fee will be charged or the 100% lock-out fee. We will consider a request for a holiday cleaning as a confirmation of the increased rate and that the cleaning will not need to be modified, moved, or canceled (without fee). We suggest booking holidays closer to the date needed than 60 days for all clients.

SURCHARGES: The amount of service time can fluctuate by up to 10% in order to maintain the price booked online. We reserve the right to charge additional service fees at a rate of $27/hr + taxes if:

1. The home is in bad condition; post-party, disrespectful guests, large amount of guests for size of home, late departure/arrival and cleaning slowed.

2. Laundry machines not capable of washing two full bedding sets in less than 90 minutes.

3. Wrong address provided.

4. Circumstances that delay or prolong the cleaning time that are the fault of our client or their guests.

5. Our client does not add the proper details when booking, such as the number of beds, bedrooms, length of stay, or other situations. We reserve the right to charge SURCHARGES should we have good reason to believe that one of the above listed reasons is true.

TOILETRIES & NOTIFICATIONS: Cleaners will fill all toiletries based on the supplies made available during service, but we are not responsible if supplies are low or unavailable. In other words, we notify you with what is running low to the best of our ability NOT what you don’t have in terms of toiletries. We will notify our clients should any supply be low a maximum of 2 TIMES PER MONTH OR EVERY 5 SERVICES.

Should we notify you that you are low on a few products and you visit the home to drop these products, please do ensure that you take an inventory list and replenish any additional product not mentioned by our cleaner that you might need in the next month. Think of our notification of a kindly reminder and NOT A METHOD TO TRACK ALL YOUR INVENTORY NEEDS. Inventory for

CLEANING SUPPLIES works the same way in terms of notifications. Also, ask about our portal creation. A space designed just for you online with all the details you want from the cleaners. Please note that we require a list of MINIMUM REQUIRED SUPPLIES from all clients on a private portal to guarantee notification at the proper time that you are running low on supplies (toiletries, cleaning tools or products). Should you need some time to restock supplies or fix damage, please let us know.

WIFI/TV CHECK: Not currently available. Please request this service if you would like to see the option in the future.
BOOKING CONFIRMATION: Once a booking is placed online you will receive an email confirming that your oder has been received – this booking is confirmed! Our satisfaction guarantee applies to confirmed bookings only. You will also receive an email notification 24 hours before service and a text message on hour before service. Didn’t get a notification? Maybe the booking isn’t confirmed, call us ASAP.

PAYMENT: Your credit card will be authorized before service and the charge will be posted after service is complete. We reserve the right to request additional funds based on the SURCHARGE section above. Also, we may infringe on check-in times for these circumstances that are out of our control without penalty on our part. We reserve the right to charge any credit card on file, even if not the preferred card used to book a service. We may authorize the card multiple times if the booking is more than 7 days from when the booking is made.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our Guarantee is that if anything is missed on our checklist by the cleaners and reported within 24 hours of the start of our cleaning, we will go back to fix the problem without any additional charge or provide a credit toward the next service, at our discretion.

The credit would be 50% of the cost of the service in which tasks were missed. Access must be granted within 24 hours for the re-clean and the additional re-clean will not be charged (generally 1 hour maximum needed. Re-cleans must be scheduled during off-peak hours and our client must arrange our access with their guests. Also, during our visit we will do our best to add some cleaning services directly for your guests to encourage a 5-star review.

Re-clean request must be made within 24 hours of service to be valid without express exceptions by us and may require photo evidence. Remember, we can’t just go by what guests say, you may have to confirm this first by visiting the home and investigating the complaint to provide evidence. This guarantee does not apply to Guest – Hourly Cleaning service.

Guests can be present during the re-cleaning but CANNOT ASSIGN TASKS TO THE CLEANER. Certain situations void the SATISFACTION GUARANTEE as mentioned in these terms and conditions, such as late access not by our cause, guests in the home during the cleaning, missing supplies, slow or missing washer/dryer, parties… We aim to always make our clients and their guests happy, but can only guarantee the best results when given the opportunity.

LIABILITY: The company takes no responsibility for clients, guests, corporations, government or individual, that do not properly register their property or have no legal right to rent their property as a short-term rental or other. Should our cleaner(s) be removed from the property he/she/they is/are cleaning, the client will incur any costs associated with our presence of for legal action.

We can only assume that our clients have made sure they are within their legal rights to have us cleaning in the assigned properties. As a client please be sure to get all required permissions for your rental. In Montreal, please contact the CITQ or other. Remember we manage our cleaners and not your rental or guests. We do have nice extras like rotating your toiletries and reporting damage or the smell of smoke.

PRIVACY: We reserve the right to request reservation details to determine the length of stay of previous guests at any point. The honour system works very well, but we need to ensure we give the cleaners the time they need to do a proper job.

We will not share your details outside of our company without your permission. Our website, its contents, and our methods, terms and conditions, are our property and can’t be used without our consent.

MAINTENANCE: We offer Deluxe Airbnb as a service for your quarterly or seasonally spring cleaning of your Airbnb units. We highly recommend this service at least twice a year or the overall turnover service quality may be reduced over time.

We also offer Guest Services when your guests stay more than 2 weeks. Guest Services is a great way to maintain your home during longer stays and to get a report if anything is wrong, such as too many guests, parties, smoking, drugs, or any other unwanted event that you want to know about as early as possible.

OTHER: Please do not place bookings for dates that you don’t need and add to your notes that you need a different date. We may not notice this and show up on the wrong day. If we don’t have the availability you need, please send an email.

Should you add details to your booking that does not abide by our terms and conditions, you risk being charged in full on our arrival without receiving a cleaning. This is not our goal to charge clients without service. We just want to be clear that if you add something such as “Please move bed from the garage into the spare room” that we just won’t be able to satisfy your needs and we are not responsible to check all details in each booking made. We use out checklist for all services. Anything not included must be approved by the company or the satisfaction guarantee may not apply.