A Rental Property Checklist by Design


Empty Garbage Bins
Dust all Exposed Surfaces
Vacuum & Mop Floors
Fluff Pillows & Tidy
Check for Damage & Items Left by Guest(s)
Dust or Wash Exposed Baseboards (Deluxe Service)
Wash Interior Glass of Windows & Doors (Deluxe Service)
Remove Garbage Deck – Clean Deck (Deluxe)


Wash, Dry & Display Cloths
Replace or Fill Toiletries (leave notes on site)
Empty Dishwasher and Replace Items
Exterior & Interior of the Fridge, Removal of Perishables
Wipe down Small Appliances
Stovetop & Exterior of Oven
Clean Sinks & Countertops
Spot Clean Cupboards
Wash Exterior and Interior of Cupboards (Deluxe Service)
Inside Oven (Deluxe Service)


Wash, Dry & Display Towels
Replace or Fill Toiletries (leave notes on site)
Clean & Shine Countertops, Sink and Mirrors
Scrub, Disinfect & Shine Toilet(s)
Spot Clean Exterior of Cabinets
Clean and Disinfect Shower, Tub, Tile
Clean Inside Cabinets (Deluxe Service)


Wash, Dry & Fold Bedding
Make beds with Spare Bedding
Wipe Down the Exterior of Bedside Tables
Wipe Down interior of cupboards, closets and bedside tables (Deluxe Service)


Home with or recently with bed bugs or other infestations
Cleaning of blinds, fragile light fixtures
Cleaning outside of the home (sweep & tidy deck only – deluxe service)
Animal excrements, litter cleaning
Climbing on ladders
Deep carpet or upholstery cleaning